The tiny Plukkers have lined up The Gruffalo for Pluk MINI. Sunday the 18th from 14.00 at Pluk Amsterdam. But there’s more fun in store. We’ll make our own scary Gruffalo-masks, play mega Mikado and giant Twister and build sand castles on the Pluk beach. We’ll wrap up the afternoon in full swing with the one and only Pluk MINI disco!

Pluk MINI is especially for all the kids who are still too young to stay up until Pluk de Nacht’s main feature starts. There are yummy snacks and meals (like hotdogs on a stick, mini hamburgers, tiny cornburgers) and plenty of refreshing drinks. Pluk MINI is free to enter. You can support Pluk by ordering a lemonade (or a beer) at the bar.

Pluk MINI Amsterdam (Aug 18 from 14.00): Stenen Hoofd, Westerdoksdijk, Amsterdam

(Note: The Gruffalo will be shown in the Dutch version.)

IMPORTANT: The Stenen Hoofd is surrounded by water. Keep a close eye on your minis!