The lineup for Pluk Utrecht has been announced and the deckchair reservations are open! We’ll be kicking off on Wednesday the 31st with a vicious British comedy about a family get-together in the tradition of The Celebration. Click here to see the full lineup.

Click here for more about the opening film and the rest of the programme in Utrecht. The 6th edition of Pluk Utrecht will take place July 31st–August 4th at De Vrijhaven located on Nijverheidsweg. The lineup for Pluk Amsterdam will appear on the website very soon.

A deckchair is available from €6 if you’d like to be assured of a top spot in front of that big screen. This won’t only put you in a prime seat, you’ll also support the festival. But you don’t need to make a reservation: if you come to the festival on time, there are generally still plenty of those deckchairs and all kinds of other seats available. Pluk Utrecht opens its doors, bars and terrace daily at 18.00, and on Sunday August 4th even at 15.00 for Pluk MINI.