The inaugural edition of Kwis de Nacht, Pluk’s movie quiz, will be held on Wednesday July 31st, 19.00 on the opening night of Pluk Utrecht. Assemble a fun team of people who might possibly know a bit about movies, and enter today.

The movie trivia quiz is for everyone who knows, thinks they know or might just know a bit about movies. In teams of up to 6 people, you’ll give your collective all to get as many questions right as you can. All against the setting sun, while enjoying a cold beer. And once the hard work is over, you can sit back in a beach chair and enjoy the movie.

Doors open Wednesday July 31st: 18.30 uur. At 19.00 Kwis de Nacht will kick off. Teams consist of max. 6 people, cost for entering a team is 8 euros (includes a drink for all quizzers). Enter your team by filling out this form, and making the payment. We’re already looking forward to everyone showing off their trivia knowledge!