Boy oh boy we do go all out for you guys. While the whole country is gasping for air and looking for that elusive bit of shade and a breeze, the Pluk volunteers have been diligently building up the terrain of our brand spanking new location in Utrecht. Tonight is the night we’ve all been waiting for: jetzt geht’s los!

Ohohoh what a great place it has turned out to be in the Vrijhaven of the Nijverheid. The picture above is how it looked before our shipping containers arrived. Since then we’ve been hard at work injecting some Pluk-vibes into that glorious space. It’s a real match made in heaven: Plukkers have always been an industrious bunch, and a free haven is what the festival has been for fifteen years – for adventurous cinema, for winding down, for a hot soak.

At the end of the first day, the big screen already went up. After five more sweltering days of work, tonight’s the big night as we kick off the festival with our opening film Denmark. We can’t wait. How about you? See you soon at Nijverheidsweg 4!