Ook dit jaar is het Amsterdamse Stenen Hoofd een hele middag (19 augustus) voor de kleine plukkers tijdens de 4de editie van Pluk MINI. We gaan terug in de tijd met Pippi Langkous. Maar er zijn nog veel meer avonturen te beleven op het terrein: lesjes kinderyoga, knutselen met een echte oma (van 90+), racen (op blikken) en swingen in de Pluk MINI disco!

Stay tuned for the complete lineup of activities. Here is a preview and some practical info.

14.00 – 17.00 | Pippi Longstocking (continuously)
She lived on her own in Villekulla, she was mischievous, she ate spaghetti with scissors, smoked cigarettes and could walk on the ceiling. Pippi could be naughty but she was just so fun and sweet! We’ll show episodes of this wonderful TV show continuously in the Pluk tent.

14.00 – 16.00 | Arts and crafts with a real grandma
She’s 91, spry, sweet, cool, funny, slightly nutty and she rocks the arts and crafts like only a (great) gran can. Granny Emmy has 10 grandkids and 21 great-grandkids and this afternoon she’ll take the minis under her wings at her crafts table. Come and get crafty with us.

14.30 & 15.30 | Kids’ yoga with Loren
Loren will teach two yoga classes this afternoon. And it’s going to be a party !En dat wordt een feest! She got her diploma in India and also took classes on Bali. Hatha, yin yang, vinyasa, it’ll be a little bit of everything but mostly lots of fun! Lay down on a yoga mat (together or by yourself) and let Loren take you on a journey of discovery.

15.00 – 16.30 | Tin can race
We’re gonna have a race with all the minis. First we’ll decorate our cans and have a practice run, then at the end of the afternoon (at 16.30) it’s time for the big Pluk tin can race. Did you recently eat any peeled tomatoes or chickpeas, or give your room a fresh coat of paint? Bring along the empty cans!

17.00 – 18.00 | Pluk MINI disco
Before we hand Pluk back to the grownups, we’ll have a swinging party in the Pluk tent. Pippi and her friends will make way for disco lights and a fog machine, and our mini DJs will do all they can to make it a big bash. Don’t forget to request your favourite song!

And more…
Get your hair braided like Pippi Longstocking’s, play a game of giant mikado or build a sandcastle on Pluk beach. And bring all your friends, brothers and sisters and enjoy this wonderful spot on the IJ!

Pluk MINI will start Sunday August 9th at 14.00 and is meant for all the children who are too young to stay up for Pluk de Nacht’s main showing. There are yummy snacks, meals and drinks available and just like Pluk de Nacht, Pluk MINI’s entrance is free.

Check out the Facebook event: plukfilmfestival.nl/plukMINI

Safety note: the Stenen Hoofd is surrounded by water, so keep a close eye on your minis!