On Sunday the 7th of August from 2 to 5 pm, the Stenen Hoofd will belong to the little people for the second edition of Pluk MINI. There will be beanbags to jump on, a tiny beach to play on, free lemonade for all the mini’s, plenty of snacks and an adventure-filled program for all kids aged 2 – 12.

14.00 (continuously): PICNIC WITH CAKE (2+)
Who doesn’t love the picture books by Thé Tjong-King about cakes, thieves and exciting expeditions? Pluk will show the animation series (13 episodes and a special) based on these celebrated books. They’re about Mr. and Mrs. Dog who’ve baked delicious cakes for a picnic. But when they get to the picnic spot, all the cakes are gone! Oh no, what to do? Each episode is told from the perspective of a different animal.
Where? On the big screen in the Pluk tent.
Aside from a voice-over intro in Dutch, the cartoons are dialogue-free.

14.00 – 16.00: ARTS AND CRAFTS (3+)
Feel like it’s time to scare the pants off your parents? Come and make animal snouts and ears under the watchful eye of creative art collective Hotmamahot. You can jump in and join the fun at any time.
Where? At the tables next to the Pluk tent.

14.30 (3-7 y/o) & 15.30 (8+): KIDS’ YOGA (3+)
Going on a yoga adventure together with Neeltje and the animals from Picnic with Cake? You can on the Stenen Hoofd! You will go on a search party with an animal troop to look for the cake and have all kinds of adventures along the way. There’s room for 15 children at a time so don’t be late.
Where? Follow the signs on the Pluk terrain.